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Seawind Catamarans

Brought to you by Elite Sailing, these world-class sailing catamarans combine a luxurious blend of comfort at sea and performance sailing.

These effortlessly stylish and modern vessels ensure an unforgettable experience.

Double J Seawind 1600
12 guests for day charter

6 guests overnight

Gold Finger Seawind 1160 Lite
12 guests for day charter

6-8 guests overnight


our cruises


Full Day Fishing 


cruise time: 11 hrs

Take a fast and comfortable ride out to the Great Barrier Reef. Target Coral Trout, Red Emperor, Spanish Mackerel, Trevally and many more reef and pelagic species.
Lunch and morning/afternoon tea included.


Private charters: maximum 4 passengers

Time is approximate depending on location.


Overnight Stays

Relax and unwind on your own private charter vessel - Double J or Gold Finger. Board in the afternoon in time for a sunset cruise, and anchor in one of the beautiful and secluded Whitsunday anchorages. 


Explore the Whitsunday Islands on your own time, hiking, snorkelling, or just relaxing.


The vessel has room for up to 6 passengers to stay the night and enjoy the next morning before 11am departure.


Day Charters

Book a customised day charter - just specify the preferred time slot, catering menu, and drinks menu.